Welcome to my Art!  My art reveals my expressionism style and my internally driven exploration of vibrant and intense colors.   I typically produce non-figurative abstract paintings, layer by layer, that are rich in color and texture.  I try not to get caught up in my own preconceived ideas and notions of what the final result should be.  In effect, I allow the painting to take me on a twisting and turning journey that keeps me guessing what the final outcome will be.  The painting always lets me know when the journey has ended and the time has come to apply my signature.  Sometimes the journey is short and sweet and sometimes it lasts for years.While experienced in many mediums, my favorites are oils (oil sticks preferably), acrylics, watercolor, and encaustic (wax).  In many of my works you will find that I combine my favorite mediums with a few found objects, e.g. stones, metal, paper, sand, wood, etc. to create a large, textured, mixed media canvas.

My early-in-life artistic influence came from an artist and great uncle, Joe Sheldon, of Asheville, North Carolina.  Joe was one of the early art enthusiasts that made Asheville such a great artist’s community.   I’m very fortune to be married to a wonderful woman, Jeanne McCollam, who has a great eye for visual art and appreciation for all forms of art, and provides me with solid input, advice and encouragement on each piece of work that I complete. Jeanne is clearly my muse!

I have been awarded several “Best In Show” Awards for my abstract work.  Several of South Florida’s finest galleries sell my paintings and I am also fortunate to have regular buyers/collectors from Europe.